About the Advent Calendar

Juhlsen's online Advent Calendar concept offers your company a platform for long-term communication with your customers.

Sign-up and "Early Birds"
When a users signs up for your Advent Calendar, he/she will be added to your newsletter list.

The Advent Calendar page is launched prior to the start of December which makes it possible to sign up in advance.

To urge your users to sign up before the Calendar is active, you can let them enter an Early Bird Competition and draw a winner.

Daily flow
Every day from December 1-24, participants will receive an email with a link to the question of the day.

A standard question page will contain question, answer options, image and a help link. The help link can be used to present important messages to the participants that will help them answer the daily question.

When a question is answered, the user will know if his/her answer was correct. On this page, it is possible to promote further marketing efforts and sales promotions.

Winners and final words
During the entire Advent Calendar, you can present call-to-actions for your customers.

Thereby, you can urge your clients to like your company on Facebook or answer a questionnaire to get extra tickets in the draw for the main prize.

When the main prize winner is found, a final mail will be sent to all participants. This offers an opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year - and make sure they will not forget you in the year to come.

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